No life is more important than another, and nothing has been without purpose. Nothing. What if we are all part of a great pattern that we may someday understand? And one day when we have done what we alone are capable of doing, we get to rise up and reunite with those we have loved the most. Forever embraced? What if we get to become stars? Beverly Penn, Winter’s Tale (via theversatileone)
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The Prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances for beauty is found within…― Beauty And The Beast.
Thank you for a day of too much perfection. Film: Bed Of Roses (via hqlines)
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Fouad Elkoury, Baalbek, Lebanon, 1979

An actual headline from The New York Times in 1919 

Storyteller at the Fireplace

Ben & Sherman. Storyteller at the Fireplace. 2014. Acrylic on paper, 11.8 x 8.3 in (30 x 21 cm).

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Carter the Mysterious, Tuesday 14 July 1914
If you were looking for something to do a century ago today to help take your mind off of the war breaking out in Europe, you might have headed down to the Pantages Theatre to check out Carter the Mysterious, a magician on a double bill with “The Lion’s Bride,” a 1913 film about a girl and her lion BFF that gets jealous of her fiance.